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Hello Dr Lewis!

I am writing to you, to let you and the world know just
how wonderful you are as a person & you’re excellence as a doctor!
Just as I told you, I have always been athletic & reached the division
one level as a basketball player. So on our first meeting when you
diagnosed me with diabetes, I did not take the news well (My blood
sugar level was over 350). As you know, I had the nerve to question
your credentials. But being the wonderful person you are, you did not
just kick me out of your off ce, and you calmly answered all of my
questions. After I was able to breathe again, you told me to just listen
to you and follow your instructions and I will be fine. And that’s what I
did, I followed your instructions & today I am just fine (within six
months my blood sugar level is in the normal range under 100)! am in
the best shape of my life and I feel & look great!!! And I owe it ail to
(GOD) and your wisdom as a physician and your kindness as person. I
will speak to anyone about your greatness and let them know they are
in the best possible humanly hands to be healed!!!! So I Thank you for
helping me!!!!